Commercial Insurance for Businesses in Phoenix and Casa Grande

Commercial Insurance for Businesses in Phoenix and Casa Grande

There are many aspects to think about when running a business. Making sure all of your assets are covered is a way to keep the business you work so hard to run and yourself properly protected. The insurance agents at Fasula-Kaplan in Phoenix and Casa Grande will speak with you about your business and assess the coverage you may need, giving you the best prices in the area.

Available Commercial Insurance Includes:

General Liability Insurance

In the event that someone makes a claim for injury or damages your business property, general liability insurance coverage will keep you protected. Accidents happen to everyone, you can be prepared after talking with a Fasula-Kaplan insurance agent about your general liability quote today.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

Businesses that provide advice or a service to consumers run the risk of someone being displeased with their experience. Businesses that may benefit from this insurance include:

• Consultants
• Brokers
• Lawyers
• Accountants
• Engineers
• Financial Professionals
• Construction Companies
• General Contractors
• Plumbers
• And More

Building Insurance

Whether your business is operated all in one building or several buildings, Fasula-Kaplan insurance agents can get the best building insurance quotes in the Phoenix and Casa Grande areas. Accidents can happen and having insurance coverage can help you get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Contents Insurance

Keep all your commercial property covered with contents insurance. From computer breakdowns to incidents like fire, contents insurance will take care of it all. Tell the agents at Fasula-Kaplan Insurance about your business needs and we will get you an affordable quote that covers your business.

Bonds Insurance

There are many different kinds of bonds and each serves a different purpose. To protect the interests in your business, speak with the Fasula-Kaplan insurance agents today and we will help you find the one that matches your needs and explain the different bonds.

Health Insurance

Choosing the right health insurance plan for your employees is an important decision for your employees’ health and happiness as well as your business. It can be hard to know when you are getting a good deal and giving your employees the coverage they deserve. Our agents at Fasula-Kaplan make it easy by listening to your concerns and gathering the best quotes from around the Phoenix and Casa Grande areas.

Automobile/Truck Insurance

When your company offers business transportation, it is very important to ensure that your drivers and vehicles are covered. There are several kinds of coverage depending on how often the company vehicles are used and what kind of automobiles are available for company use. Talk with our insurance agents to find the coverage right for you.

Life Insurance

Having a well-established benefits program can be the difference between happy employees and struggling to hire new employees. Provide them with a quality life insurance policy when you get a quote from Fasula-Kaplan Insurance. We will gather quotes from top-notch providers around Phoenix and Casa Grande and discuss them with you to get you and your employees the best deal.

Products & Completed Operations Insurance

Products and completed operations insurance is intended to expand on general liability insurance, offering coverage for things like property damage and bodily injury. The agents at Fasula-Kaplan can help you figure out if your business may be in need of this insurance and find the best rates.

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