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First-Time Homebuyer Insurance Tips

Buying your first home should be a happy, fun, and exciting time. It’s finding a permanent place to call your own and take care of. After you find your perfect space, a good step to keeping proper care of your property is to have an insurance policy on your home that covers all your needs.

Before finding your home and getting coverage on it, first-time home buyers should keep these tips in mind:

Determine the Risk

As you’re looking at houses, keep in mind the risk level of the area the house is in. That may affect insurance rates and the coverage you may need. To do so you will need to look at things such as the likelihood of flooding or dangerous storms.

Don’t Forget Insurance When Talking Mortgage

When you’re thinking about mortgage payments and what you can afford, remember to think of the cost of the insurance to avoid overwhelming your wallet. This way you will have a better overall idea of your monthly cost for your home.

Bundle Policies Together

Many insurance companies offer lower prices to customers who have policies for multiple items through their coverage. Check if getting your home insurance bundled with an existing policy, such as your car insurance, could save you money.

Know Your Options

Just like you would with any insurance policy, explore your options. When you get your insurance through Fasula-Kaplan Insurance Agency, our agents will compare insurance rates for you to ensure you’re receiving the best coverage for your money. Whether you’re looking to bundle rates or get an independent policy for the home, our agents are here to help.

Call our Phoenix office at (602) 564-0880 or our Casa Grande office at (520) 836-2558 to speak with an agent today. To see more information on home insurance or other policies, click here.

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