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Five Benefits of Getting Insurance Through an Agent

Many people look at insurance as a way to keep their family and their investments protected. Finding the right insurance can mean going through a lot of searching. With all of the access to information that exists in today’s society, it can be very time consuming to look through all of your options.

Using an insurance agency, like Fasula-Kaplan Insurance Agency in Phoenix and Garnet Insurance Agency in Casa Grande, Arizona, can take the stress away and allow you to spend your time in a more enjoyable way. Here are just a few of the many benefits of using an insurance agency.

Individual Attention

When you speak with an insurance agency to find your insurance plans, you will be assigned a specific agent. This agent will get to know you and your personal concerns and needs for your insurance. You can receive a more customized plan, fitting your budget and concerns more closely than choosing from a narrow range of options. They will also know what questions to ask to see if you are eligible for discounts to save you money.

No More Wait When You’re in Need

Filing an insurance claim is stressful. You’re already upset about the incident that caused the need for the claim and you want to get back to normal life as quickly as possible. With an insurance agency, your agent will be right there and ready quickly. You don’t have to wait through lengthy phone calls and hold music, you have someone who knows you at the ready. The agent will communicate the situation with your insurance provider and handle everything from there, keeping you in the loop with any new information.

Partnership with Providers

Agencies generally have partnerships with providers all around your area. This means they have connections to finding the absolute best deal for your needs. They also may know the ins and outs of the discount system, helping you save a little bit more. You still have access to options without spending your time shopping around to all the insurance providers in the area, your agent will do that for you!

One Stop for All Your Needs

If you need insurance for your home, car, and motorcycle in addition to life insurance, they can help you find it all. Agencies have access to a wide variety of insurance coverage plans and can help you find the best deals around for whatever you may need to protect. This saves you from going through the process multiple times for different needs.

We Keep You in Mind

Working with an agency like Fasula-Kaplan Insurance Agency, the customer is the priority. If something were to happen where you would need coverage help, we are here to represent you, not the insurance company. Our agents make sure you aren’t paying for something you don’t need and you are getting the fast service you deserve.

If you are looking to switch insurance companies or purchase a new insurance policy call us today (602) 564-0880. Fasula-Kaplan Insurance Agency in Phoenix and Garnet Insurance Agency in Casa Grande have agents who are ready to listen to your needs, and find a customized plan for you today.

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